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Is any of your loved one living with dementia and in need of a Compassionate care to support daily living ? look no further......

Hertsmere Valley Care services can provide the quality support needed for a high quality life in your own comfortable home. 
As a Dementia accredited provider, our managers and carers have all undertaken substantial training and assessment to ensure they have the  necessary skills to provide outstanding dementia care.
We provide the service that meet a range of needs such as, Engaged interaction 

healthy eating, drinking and medication administration, Stimulating activities and many others.  

Call us today to find out more about our dementia care services and the many flexible options for care at home.

What is Dementia ?

Dementia is an umbrella term used to define a range of progressive neurological disorder, that is, condition that affects the brain.  The brain is made up of billions of  Neurones that communicate with each other through chemical signals.Dementia causes damage to these neurones therefore messages cannot be efficiently be sent to all the functions of the body. 

Some people may have a combination of different types of dementia and these are commonly called mixed dementia.

A Friendly and Familiar Face, For your Loved ones living with Dementia 

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